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Replenish+Refine Moisturizer

Replenish+Refine Moisturizer

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30 g / 1.0 oz

Pracaxi Oil + Bataua Fruit Oil + Macadamia
balance + nourish + fortify

Pracaxi Oil:
Pracaxi oil is rich in fatty acids, particularly behenic acid, which provides intense moisturization and helps improve the skin's barrier function. It is known for its healing properties and can assist in reducing the appearance of scars and hyperpigmentation. Pracaxi oil also possesses anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial for soothing irritated skin.

Bataua Fruit Oil:
Bataua fruit oil is abundant in antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids. This oil can help nourish and hydrate the skin, contributing to a smoother and more supple complexion. The antioxidants in Bataua oil can provide protection against environmental stressors, while its emollient properties assist in maintaining skin elasticity.

Macadamia Oil:
Macadamia oil is a lightweight yet nourishing oil rich in oleic acid. It can help moisturize and soften the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and rejuvenated. Macadamia oil is easily absorbed, making it suitable for various skin types. Its fatty acid profile supports the skin's lipid barrier, preventing moisture loss and promoting a healthy, radiant appearance.

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Polysilicone-11, C30-45 Alkyl Cetearyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, PEG-16 Macadamia Glycerides, Dimethicone, Oenocarpus Bataua Fruit Oil, Pentaclethra MacrolobaSeedOil, Phosphatidylcholine, Tocopheryl Acetate, BHT

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