What is synergy?

What is synergy and how does it benefit my skin?

Synergy puts the "+" in Designer+Cosmeceuticals.

Synergy is defined by the interaction of two or more active ingredients whose combined effect is greater than the sum of their separate effects. So, what is synergy as it relates to skin care products?

We use synergy when we formulate for Designer+Cosmeceuticals. When we think of formulating for our brand, we want to choose multiple ingredients targeting a specific skin care concern. We make synergy work for us by choosing active ingredients based on their individual pharmacology – essentially choosing them based on the mechanism by which they work to achieve the desired effect.

It’s essential they have different mechanisms by which they exert a targeted effect. For example, if we want to correct pigment concerns such as age spots or hyperpigmentation, we will choose a few different active ingredients that will lighten and even skin tone. The key is to ensure the different ingredients get to the same endpoint by a different journey. When there is no overlap to the journey, this is where you will find synergy!

Back to the lightening and evening of skin tone example: I might choose retinol, which I know will increase the rate of cell turnover, so any melanin which is visible in the upper skin cell layers of the epidermis will turnover more quickly, thereby reducing the total amount of visible melanin. Then, if we can follow this increased rate of cell turnover with decreased melanin production to start with by using an ingredient such as arbutin, then we will have a synergistic effect due to the combination of the ingredients. Retinol + arbutin and their mechanisms of action = increased cell turnover + decreased melanin production.

It sounds complicated and can be complicated, but we take care of this for you when we formulate! This is why we are Designer “+,” it’s all about the clever addition of synergistic ingredients to get you real results.

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