Woman using Microneedle Device

How Microneedling Can Improve Your Skincare Routine

The term “Microneedling” can refer to both a procedure offered at your doctor’s office or an at home part of your nightly skin care regimen once to twice weekly. The difference is mainly in the length of the needles and the vigor with which they puncture the skin.  

The procedures offered at med spas and dermatology/plastic surgery offices are fantastic for deeper acne scars and hyperpigmentation issues, but they can cost anywhere from $250-$400 per session. For the purposes of this blog, I am discussing the simple microneedling you can do at home using a dermaroller that you replace monthly and costs around $30.  

A dermaroller is a small device that looks like a mini-paintroller with approximately 500 microneedles on the roller. These needles are made of surgical stainless steel and sterile. After use, you will need to soak in alcohol before next use, and the needles dull over time, requiring this to be a monthly purchase. So, why add this monthly expense? Let me tell you!

Microneedling Device

The purpose of microneedling is two-fold: 

  1. To stimulate collagen production and to increase the effectiveness of the dermatologic products we all spend so much money on.  At-home microneedling delivers in this area! The micro-needles roll across your face and create small micro-injuries which essentially stimulate your body to fill each micro injury with collagen! Yes, please!  

  2. Each needle is creating a micro-channel that allows your expensive serums, gels, cream, and lotions to penetrate the depth of the microneedle (typically 0.25-0.5mm) into your skin. Having formulated dermatological and cosmeceutical products, I can tell you penetration enhancement is always a consideration or even a problem to solve, so gaining 0.25-0.5mm instantly is a huge win. Try it, and I promise you, if you are applying high quality, effective skin care products to your skin post-microneedling, you will notice a difference the very next morning.  

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